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Indian Lodge Dawn

Hi, I’m Laura Sanders, writer, editor, and occasional blogger. I love editing. Creating order out of word chaos is fun. One of my biggest joys is helping writers become their best, transmitting their ideas with clarity and precision. Sometimes editing means cutting out good writing so the best writing can shine. Or as one ancient writer put it:

“Therefore for us who have undertaken the difficult task of brevity, this is no easy matter, but one demanding sweat and loss of sleep, as is the case with one who prepares a banquet seeking the benefit of others.”

Unknown Author, c. 124 B.C.,
as quoted in the 
Book of Second Maccabees, chapter 2, verses 26-27
Orthodox Study Bible (SAAS) 

Life can be like that, too: sometimes you must cut clutter to unbury treasures worth displaying, sometimes you have to say “No” to good opportunities in order to keep first things first (a relationship with God, family, or in order to be true to one’s self), and sometimes one has to pare down stuff to make room for people.

For over twenty years that’s what I’ve been doing in my own life: editing. If you have some writing you’d like help with, or would like me to come alongside to help you reduce clutter or productivity overload, drop me a line and I’ll respond within 24 hours.  I look forward to hearing from you!